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Post-Autumn Food Processing Updates

Mild Fall-like weather continues to prevail into mid-December in these parts. At this time 4 years ago, not only was it cold, it was cold enough to freeze the Panther Hollow Lake in Schenley Park, allowing college students to go … Continue reading

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Oh Deer.

Greeting the first of the sun’s rays, our Hillstead comes alive with birdsong. Squirrels and chipmunks are abundant and have been taking advantage of the warmer-than usual weather by noisily grabbing the remainder of hickory nuts, acorns, and black walnuts … Continue reading

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You punch the tree and get the wood.

Outdoorsy projects are afoot at the Hillstead, and as the weather turns friendly and grass-mowing becomes less of a distraction, and as is only natural, thoughts turn towards lumber. Recently an ash tree, partially alive but with one root in … Continue reading

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Some Spice would be Nice

With the mild and mellow weather that we’ve been having, it’s not too difficult to start thinking about next Spring. The first hint of Spring for many of us PA’sters might be that seasonal explosion of bright yellow Forsythia – … Continue reading

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