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just lookit !

A very thoughtful, creative, generous friend made these beautiful egg cartons for us! See how we’re all represented?! Feast your eyes!

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Operation: Lawn Reclamation

We’ve organized the Hillstead into several sections, each with their own characteristics, issues, and priorities. High upon the list of priorities is to begin planting slow-growing fruit plants that will take many years to mature- so it’s wise to get … Continue reading

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Zen Whittling and Restoring a Shave Knife

“Restoring” might be a bit of an exaggeration. When I have the bandwidth, one of my favorite time-wasters is watching folks restore old tools on the internets. They do the acid soaks, wire brush scrubs, sandblasting, machine new fasteners in … Continue reading

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We’ve been so busy chorin and buildin that we haven’t the time to blog! I promise we will update yinz soon! It’s important to hydrate. Follow me for more homesteading tips. 😉

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And I wonder, still I wonder…

I’ve heard a saying about farmers and the rain- that they love to see it start, and they love to see it stop. I’ll bet the phrase didn’t originate in Western PA- where the rain starts and then just sort … Continue reading

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The Hillstead Pullets

The term pullet refers to a young hen, usually under one year of age. Once a chick develops feathers rather than down, it is then called a pullet if it is female or a cockerel if it is a male. … Continue reading

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Making More Chickens

Our Hillstead came with a variety of useful items like loads of mason jars, farm tools, 42 chickens, and lots of chicken-keeping gear. To our delight, a very nice incubator was included in items left behind by the previous owners. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from the Summer Hillstead!

Cheers to you and yours ♥️

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German Circus Prop in the Pasture?

While scouting the pasture a few weeks back for things that would wreck/overturn a tractor when it comes through, we found this thing: At first, we weren’t sure what it was! After checking in with some folks who know more … Continue reading

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Settling In, In Time

This is the second time in a decade that we are making a new home OUR home. We did lots of living and nesting in our last place. Zack and I have had a great deal of adventure in the … Continue reading

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