Promises of Spring

March can be a real jag. Temps swinging from 60s to the teens, sunny afternoons followed by snowfall. This is the time of year I get very restless and yearn for warmer days. Good thing there’s not much time to rest with all the projects we have afoot!


We have 20 Rhode Island Red and 5 Bielefelder chicks coming our way via USPS next week. Our current flock residing in the coop consists of Ghostie the rooster and 4 hens: one each of an Ameraucana, olive egger, Rhode Island Red, and Mystic Maran. Once the chicks hit 6 weeks they will move from our garage to outside then shack up with the 5 older birds. I’ll post photos of the little fluff butts asap!


Our above mentioned ladies have been working hard at perfecting their new skill of egg laying. Look at these beauties! More about egg laying in an upcoming post 🙂

1 week of eggs


I, so far, have successfully resisted the urge to start seeds. In a couple weeks, I’ll get the eggplant and echinacea going and that will tide me over for a bit. Meanwhile, I’m keeping an eye out for wildflowers making their annual debut. I was ecstatic to find skunk cabbage poking up throughout the woods behind our house!

Skunk cabbage flower emerging

The goats also say COME ON SPRING! My hat must have looked like some tasty browse, or maybe these guys are getting tired of all this snow!

Hungry goats miss the lush pasture

Hang in there, all. It looks like we’re in for a big (hopefully LAST) snowfall this weekend. I’m looking forward to snuggling by the fire with some graph paper to draw up my kitchen garden plans while Winter drags on.

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2 Responses to Promises of Spring

  1. Maggi Davidson says:

    Signs of spring here, too, but my finger and toe-tips don’t believe it yet. We had snow yesterday! It melted after about 1/2 hour…

  2. Madonna J Zelazny says:

    Your having such fu ! Love those colorful eggs!

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