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Merry Christmas from the Summer Hillstead!

Cheers to you and yours ♥️

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Autumn has Fallen – Seasonal Wrap Up

At the time of my writing this, it’s not quite technically winter. The Earth spins and wobbles as it flies around the Sun at 67000 miles per hour. Soon the South Pole will be tilted closest to the Sun, and … Continue reading

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German Circus Prop in the Pasture?

While scouting the pasture a few weeks back for things that would wreck/overturn a tractor when it comes through, we found this thing: At first, we weren’t sure what it was! After checking in with some folks who know more … Continue reading

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Settling In, In Time

This is the second time in a decade that we are making a new home OUR home. We did lots of living and nesting in our last place. Zack and I have had a great deal of adventure in the … Continue reading

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Adventures in Peepsitting

For about 2.5 weeks, our family had the privilege of taking care of a little flock of chicks of varying ages as well as some incubator eggs. We are happy to report that _almost_ all of them are now back … Continue reading

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Hillstead’s First Snow

We’ve had a few dustings in prior weeks, but the recent snow storm was the first “big” snowfall for the inhabitants of the Summer Hillstead. Big is a pretty relative adjective, considering that this is our first winter here and … Continue reading

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A Humble Christmas Tree

It just didn’t feel right to me to go buy a Christmas tree this year when there are many white and scotch pine trees growing throughout the Hillstead that we are planning to remove anyway. So, Charlie and I did … Continue reading

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